Sporting Her is a sport media and commercial management agency aimed at supporting women and girls in sport. 

The agency was founded in February 2021. The agency was launched because of the founders passion for business and sport, and her aim to create social change on a global scale.


Despite the constant growth of the women's game, Sporting Her exists because of the unfortunate true reality of how underrepresented women in sport are. And when we say 'women in sport' we don't just mean female athletes, it's our sport pundits, journalists, managers, marketers, commercial managers, coaches, psychotherapists, event organisers, business development managers. It's all the people involved in women in sport. 


We believe in the value of sport. Commercially we will work to bring more financial support to sport clubs and events whilst creating exciting marketing opportunities for brands. And with our media... of course we will be sharing current content from the sporting world but it is our exclusive Sporting Her content and campaigns that will excite.



"You have to believe in yourself when no-one else does"

Serena Williams, Tennis

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Our mission

Gender inequality is the most spoken about issue women in sport face. It leads to discrimination, objectification, and underrepresentation. 

Sporting Her is a movement to address the major issues women and girls face in sport, and we aim to create social change on a global scale in the sporting world. We aim to not only use our voice to support women and girls in sport, but the voice of fans, athletes, clubs, event organisers, sport sponsors / partners, and professionals working within the female sporting industry.