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Sporting Her are a dedicated agency with supporting girls and women in sport at the heart of its decisions. Whilst we aim to do this with our sport media, commercial management plays an important role as well. 

We work globally with sport clubs / events and brands to create tailored partnerships for sporting seasons and events, ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the partnership deal.

Sporting Her are eager to ensure that female sporting clubs and events are financially supported to ensure they can reach their maximum potential, whilst also creating exciting marketing opportunities for our interested brands to gain exposure and meet their marketing objectives.


If you're a sport club event in need of a sponsor for the season or a brand wanting to market to a dynamic audience - We are here to help. Our commercial team will work with you to support you the best we can!

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Sport Clubs

Sponsorships and partnerships are essential for the growth of any sport club. We work with all levels of sport clubs around the world (grassroots and elite) to create strategic partnerships with businesses ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

Sport Events

Sport events require sponsorship and partnership to ensure the event can reach its maximum potential. Whilst event organisers will benefit from the financial support from brands, it also provides an incredible opportunity for brands to reach new audiences and support our women in sport.


Partnering with sporting clubs isn't just about money. It's about the relationship built with the club that transforms into dynamic marketing opportunities for your brand to gain exposure. We work with a range of clubs and events from all levels, so we can work with you to help you achieve your marketing objectives with one of our amazing club / event clients!

Main sponsor

A main sponsor is the official sponsor of the club. This could include front of shirt sponsorship, executive board rooms, naming rights, advertisement majority, etc. We work with brands and clubs / event organisers to find partnerships that align with both parties values and strategic objectives.

shirt sponsor

Becoming the front or back shirt sponsor puts your brand front and centre of the club. It's an opportunity to gain exposure not only to fans at games, but through social media, press releases, and incredible TV coverage with the bigger clubs and events.


Advertisement opportunities available with sport clubs and events allow for extra financial support in return for brand exposure. Advertising includes: Advertisement boards within grounds, advertisements in match day programmes, player of the match sponsor, match day sponsor, media / website sponsor, and much more. 

Official partner

We work with brands and clubs to create official partnerships, i.e. the clubs "Official Hydration Partner". This is an incredible opportunity to associate your brand with a sport club or event, ensuring that you are the go to business providing the service or product.

Sport Club / Event

If you're a sport club or event in need of sponsorship or partnership, our dedicated team will work with you to ensure we find you a brand that aligns with your values, and bring in sponsors and / or partnerships to help you achieve maximum potential. 



If you're a business / brand interested in the exciting multitude of opportunities available in the female sporting industry, we want to hear from you. We will work with you to understand what you want to achieve, what exposure you want, and where, and to who, and work with the club or event to generate the right partnership to make that happen.