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  • You are an athlete or you work in the world of women's sport, and would like to feature in our content.

  • You are looking to get involved in an exciting female start up.

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Send an email to info@sportingher.com - we aim to back to all emails within 48 hours; However, may take longer.

In the meantime, if you have any questions - check out our FAQs below, and follow @SportingHer on social media to join us on our journey!

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The image of women's football has definitely changed. Now we've got to make sure it keeps developing.

Steph Houghton, Football

Frequently asked questions

Do Sporting Her only offer commercial management to female clubs?

Nope! Whilst we prodominantly focus our services on women and girls in sport, we will always help where's needed. If you're a men's sport club with some commercial assets that need filling, feel free to get in touch and whether it's advice / feedback, or our commercial services.. we will do our best to help!

We're only a small club / event. Can you help us?

We work with a wide range of clients and businesses, locally and globally so the size of your club or event isn't an issue! We will work with you to find a business that matches your club culture whilst meeting their marketing goals. So whether you're a small youth team or a major league team, we're happy to help!

We're a business interested in sport marketing, but not too sure where to start.

Start by sending Sporting Her an email at info@sportingher.com telling us a little bit about your business and that you're interested in marketing your brand through sport, and we will set up a call and discuss the rest! :)

Are Sporting Her open to new partnerships?

Absolutely!! Partnerships help Sporting Her to support women and girls in sport by providing services and resources we may not be able to offer our followers and sporting clients.

Do you work with big sporting events?

We LOVE working with big sporting events. We love the opportunities available for businesses to gain exposure for their brands, so yes absolutely. Pop us an email at info@sportingher.com

Is the commercial management service free of charge?

Sporting Her do work for free; However, we do charge a commission if we bring a sponsorship deal to the table for a sport club or event. Whilst we would love to provide our service completely free of charge, due to the amount of time invested in working with our clients and businesses to find and create mutually beneficial sponsorship agreements - this sadly would not be feasible! That being said, if you're a sport club or business interested to know more or would like some advice - We welcome you with open arms! Get in touch :)

What is the sport media side of Sporting Her?

Good question. The sport media will focus on two different parts. 1) The sharing of current sporting media 2) Exclusive Sporting Her content Whilst the exclusive content will be slow for the first couple of months (we only launched March 2021), we have some exciting plans! Our goal is to support women and girls in sport, but we don't just mean those taking part in the sport, it's those off the pitch that matter too. Lots of content will be created with athletes, sporting clubs, professionals working within sport, businesses within the sport industry, current sport sponsors, etc. We will be running campaigns with our global project partners to share their story, eduate people on the importance of sport for women and girls, and support their projects where possible.