Partnership announcement: Football Without Borders Kenya

Sporting Her are delighted to announce partnership with Football Without Borders Kenya. The partnership will see Sporting Her supporting George Osoya and FWBK to generate exposure for the organisation, as well as increase the financial support to ensure more communities benefit from the incredible work.

Meet executive director of FWBK, George Osoya (right). Below he answered some of our questions on FWBK.

Tell us about Football Without Borders Kenya

Football Without Borders Kenya’s “Theory of Change” is based on the premise that concrete positive changes in young persons behaviour, activity or situation are dependent on changes in their perspective and perception of themselves and others. The popularity of sports particularly football in Africa encourages cultural unity, social cohesion (amongst youth of diverse tribal backgrounds), and self empowerment of the youth which can be used as a force for good. Soccer, Boxing and Martial Arts are effective in instilling skills of peace and conflict resolution in communities with a high level of crime and violence by equipping participants with self defence skills and most importantly self awareness and self discipline. FWBK’s main goal is to challenge gender stereotypes by assertively including young women in these male dominated sports in order to foster equality and inclusion.

Why did you set up the organisation? Why is it important to you?

The background of our communities is intensely covered with poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence, sexual abuse, school dropout, food insecurity, gender inequality, and health/hygiene. These are the major triggers for the general formation of this nobel organization.

Elevation of these vices affecting the communities were dear to my heart hence it empowered me towards thorough thinking and the resultant was a formed organisation. This organisation through your support and linkages we will try to our level best to reduce or eradicate the listed problems affecting the general Communities. This has been my privilege as the founder of the organization to enhance the general change that nobel society should face in giving back to the community.

FWBK goes beyond sport to help communities. What projects have you run so far to help communities?

Owing to the challenges faced by the communities for example poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence, sexual abuse, school dropout, food insecurity, gender inequality, and health/hygiene; These prompted for thorough analysis of what was available to the communities hence selection of agribusiness as a key to the general development of the society because land was readily available for use by each member of the communities. After several meetings Agriculture was approved as the best tool for sustainability.

Sports being my key tool to mobilize the general communities, we integrate life skills games (Football3) to teach farming methodologies to obtain the best output on limited land resource per house hold for effective sustainability.

Also we use sports to address health issues such as reproductive health where we teach our girls and women on how to make and use reusable sanitary napkin for the environmental conservation (disposal pads affect the communities hygiene). WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) is also tackled to teach communities on how to maintain hygiene of the reusable sanitary napkin off and inside the field.

Generally each aspect requires high level of funds and the organization is still young, we only train them on how but general application to the communities is still very low due to high level of poverty.

How does sport benefit the communities in Kenya?

  • Talent search that's going to the Communities and forming various sporting activities allowing the youths to play and show their abilities in different areas in and off the pitch.

  • Through sports, life skills activities make it simple to pass the information on Sustainable livelihood activities therefore our participants gain the knowledge on Sustainable development goals.

  • Through sports, youths participating in our programs are exposed to various level of participation both internal and external hence creation of employability.

  • Through sports we reduce level of vices such as poverty, school dropout, stealing, rape, involved in drug abuse, peer influence and violence due to continuous in active participation hence fully engaged.

What are your future plans with the organisation?

As the founder of the FWBK I'm envisioned to the general development of our organization aiming to have a school, hospital, and rescue center as part of our community development owing that we work with the vulnerable, orphans, and youths who are out of school providing access to education. We aim to provide health support through the WASH orientated program; FWBK ensures the youth stay physically fit and girls get access to sanitation products. Lastly, FWBK rescue center will provide a safe heaven for orphans and vulnerable children in the community we service as well as after school learning hub for youth and children to develop not only their social skills but education in a fun safe sport based program and centre. Ultimately, FWBK's future focuses on beneficial community development programs.

How would sponsorship benefit the FBWK organisation?

Sponsorship is key to any developing organization as it provides various opportunities.

  • Creating opportunities national or international for the youths that's giving opportunities for furthering education or sporting.

  • Giving important linkages to enhance development of our organization though acquiring of any donations.

  • It can also allow the organization to benchmark (exchange program) globally.

  • Acquiring grants to support the general well being of FWBK.

Why did you decide to partner with Sporting Her?

Sporting Her has various activities that can be replicated in our organization to enhance general development. Being that you create opportunities for girls and women whom have been the victims in the Communities I therefore thought it wise to sought the collaboration of exchange programs, to give insight to the general Communities of availability opportunities national and international.

What are you hoping to achieve through the partnership?

  • Expand on girl child/ women development.

  • Widening of linkages for example communication channels, exposure through posting of various activities and Exchange programs.

  • Acquisition of various grants for general development of organization, donation of sports gears to support our activities.

How can people get involved and support FWBK?

Show support via social media, and any donations are greatly appreciated. For us to provide job opportunities and make youths in the communities to be self reliable, we still need your support. Donation of a football, uniform, seeds, chicks, cleats, and other equipments are accepted and truly appreciated.

Donate here:

Where can people follow FBWK on social media?

Instagram: @FootballWithoutBordersKenya

Facebook: @FWBKenya

Photos that best represent the FWBK organisation

The partnership between Sporting Her and Football Without Borders Kenya is an incredible opportunity to support the development of communities who are less fortunate, and through our partnership we want to support George Osoya and FWBK however we can. Want to hear more? Get in touch!

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