Meet the founder of Sporting Her

Sporting Her was founded in March 2021 by Jessica Blissett after realising how underrepresented women and girls in sport were, and by that we don't just mean the athletes, it's the people behind the scenes working their magic to support the female sporting industry.

A little bit about the founder

My name's Jess. I love sport, especially the women's game. Whilst I'm trying to open myself up to understanding different sports, my love for women's football definitely tops everything else.

Whilst I only started working within sport in the past year, Sporting Her brings together my passions: Sport, business, and helping people. I’m excited for the journey ahead. I’ve worked as a commercial manager for a sports agency this past year working with sport clubs and businesses, and I am currently the commercial manager for Wilmslow Wild RLFC. I have spent the past four years studying a business degree, and I am currently topping it up with a masters in Sport Business, Policy and Management, so it’s nice being able to back up my experience with wider knowledge.

What sports do you play / are you into?

As I mentioned above, football is my ultimate favourite sport. Whilst I don't play for a team (I tried to get back into it but it seems my body is too injury prone haha), I love watching the game! I snowboard when I have the chance, and though it's been a while I'm a qualified scuba diver.

Why did you decide to support women and girls in sport?

I was sat in Costa one day catching up with some work. I had just started a role with a commercial management agency at the time and that day I decided I wanted to focus my time on networking with female sporting clubs see how I could support them commercially. I sent out a tweet that afternoon asking if there were any women's football clubs in need of sponsorship for the 20/21 season. If I'm honest I didn't expect to receive much response as it's rare I get a like on there, but I was shocked with the outcome.

The responses from the tweet was the point where I truly realised the issue women and girls in sport face financially. Whilst I always knew about the inequalities within the sport industry, receiving the replies and messages from clubs and athletes regarding sponsorship support made me realise that this is an area I could help support the industry.

Why did you set up Sporting Her?

A few reasons really. Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, I love sport and I love business. Sporting Her allows me to work in both areas that interest me whilst also giving me the opportunity to make a difference and help people. Commercially I will work with sport clubs and businesses to create strategic partnerships that mutually benefits both parties, and media wise I get to create content that matters. Not only do I get to help businesses grow through exciting sport marketing opportunities, but I support sport clubs so they can stop stressing about whether they can afford their new kit, or if they have enough funds to get them through the season. They can focus on what matters - The club and the game. The agency is predominantly focused on supporting our women and girls in sport, but we always keep the door open to offer help and support to our male sporting clubs and professions where needed.

Secondly, in my opinion it's needed. Women in sport deserve more support, not just with sponsorship but in all aspects of the industry. Whilst Sporting Her is only a small agency, I want to provide athletes, clubs, and sporting professions with a platform that truly supports them. I will be working with a range of incredible partners who will help me to support our women and girls in sport, whilst also using the media side of Sporting Her to promote and further support.

What are you hoping to achieve with Sporting Her?

Honestly, if the work of myself and Sporting Her can benefit the life of just one woman or girl; I would be over the moon. My ultimate goal with the agency is to provide support and opportunities to female athletes, sporting clubs, and professionals working in the world of women's sport. Whilst a lot of the work will be focused on supporting within the United Kingdom, I aim to work with sport clubs and organisations globally to help however we can. (Check out our recent blog post on our partnership with Football Without Borders Kenya).

Where can we follow you on social media?

Instagram: @Jessica.Blissett

Twitter: @JessicaBlissett


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